CCTV Industrial – Supplying Security to the Growing Businesses in Singapore’s Industrial Sector.

CCTV Industrial is powered by Innotec Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore’s Leading Security Technology Provider.

Singapore’s Industrial Business Sector has grown tremendously in recent years, with marine off-shore, manufacturing plants, oil and gas industry and commercial buildings being built at an escalating rate.

Virtually all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) manage regional operations in Singapore . Many OEMs also use Singapore to manage their aftermarket spares distribution as a regional logistics base. With the growing need for an efficient and well-connected base to oversee this function, regional procurement is increasing in importance. Singapore makes the country an attractive and highly ideal location for procurement and supply chain management due to the country’s improving physical and trade connectivity and well-established financial infrastructure.

CCTV Industrial offers security solutions that not only takes into account your rapidly growing industrial, commercial and manufacturing security needs, but as well as your business security. In the coming of a new era, technology growth is rapidly inclining thus making business security exceedingly important. Due to this growth in economic and business expansion, we are arriving in the future where security will not be a tolerated expense but a valued investment.

CCTV Residential provides ultimate industrial security with industrial-grade security products, specializing in industrial surveillance solutions in Singapore.

We are certified with ISO 9001 . Our products and services has gone through several tests and QC checks to ensure that our clients acquire the best security solution they need for their industrial building and business in Singapore.

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