Finding the best industrial CCTV security solution in Singapore

With the recent growth in number of security companies, finding and choosing the best security solution has become a formidable task. CCTV Industrial offers comprehensive end-to-end integrated industrial-grade security solutions that can be customized to your requirements, while at the same time improving security surveillance and other security operations in both commercial and industrial enterprises.

We provide only the best industrial security solutions in intruder alarm systems, commercial access control systems, CCTV security surveillance and surveillance video analytics, along with integration of technology platforms to provide a smooth process flow of your security operations.

Our solutions help businesses and companies like factories and warehouses implement the best strategic approach of security surveillance to protect employees, plants, production processes and all that is in your industrial building.

Our in-house installation team and IT team are well-trained, performing thorough security risk assessments before providing installation services for our projects. We are also certified with safety compliance licenses such as BizSafe Star and OHSAS 18001.

Utilizing value-added solutions like remote video through secured remote access feature, video management systems and visitor management software, we help businesses increase productivity and at the same achieve maximum security.

Whether if it’s protecting multiple commercial locations or just one industrial facility, our commercial and industrial security specialists are able to supply you with industrial security technologies, products and after-sales support to improve your security operations.

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