Repair, Maintenance and Upgrade Services for CCTV Surveillance and Other Security Products for Industrial Businesses in Singapore


By purchasing CCTV and other Security Products from us and also engaging our installation services, you can count on us to provide extensive after sales and tech support whenever your security system encounters an error.


Industrial CCTV Repair Services

When you purchase CCTV Surveillance Systems and other Security Products from us, you are entitled to 1 year warranty or in some cases, up to 5 years. During this period of time, we are able to do a 1-for-1 exchange in the event your security systems fail. We would also provide repair services to get it back up and running.


Industrial CCTV Maintenance Services

By engaging our installation services, we are able to provide maintenance services for your Security Systems and ensure that your security will never be compromised due to a fault or error. Our proactive after sales service also covers that sector of the operation. Maintenance services range from cleaning of lens to upgrading firmware, and also depending on how much more improvements can be implemented.


Industrial CCTV Upgrade Services

When you expand your business, the security requirements for your business expand along with it. Our security solutions are scalable – meaning we plan ahead. When the situation arises, we are able to either “plug-and-play” new security products onto the current system, or do an entire upgrade service for your industrial building, giving you maximum security.