Intruder Alarm Products for Industrial Buildings and Business in Singapore

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Intruder Alarm Systems remain as the cornerstone in industrial building security. It’s main purpose is to deter burglars and prevent break-ins, or even sound off an alarm loud enough to put the area on high alert.

With recent years, intruder alarm manufacturers have enhanced the technology, intruder alarm systems are able to use wireless receivers in a much greater distance with almost no latency.

It used to be a need in every building to install intruder alarm sensors in almost every entry point. But with Surveillance Video Analytics integrated into CCTV Surveillance Systems, it is able to pick up motion and relay it as a threat notification.

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Quality intruder alarm products and professional installation services

Intruder Alarm Systems are required to have configuration and wiring during installation. We offer intruder alarm products and the comprehensive installation services needed to secure your industrial building.

Our deployment, logistic and installation workflow process have made us achieve a good reputation among our clients who required intruder alarm systems in their property.