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Proven track record of more than 10,000 clients
and more than 10 years in security industry,
specializing in surveillance systems and access controls.

We offer cost-effective and future-proof security solutions. For the budget you have, we will do our best to give you the right security products at the right price. What’s more, if you need further expansion in future, our solutions are able to help you do that too. Giving you the the solution you want, with the security you need.


Choose Your Type of Industrial Security Solutions


Security specialists always prepared to provide you the best solutions strategically for your industrial building and business.


We ensure safety and provide a responsible approach to all our projects. Our installation team is experienced in installing and configuring security systems.


Axis video analytics applications enable proactive surveillance, helping your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime.


We follow through and make sure your security is taken care of through repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Tech Support have you covered too.


The edge-based applications are scalable. Reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording only video that is of interest.


The remote surveillance feature we provide is more secured and reliable, thus protecting your data and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV Industrial offers only the best security products and solutions for industrial business and industrial buildings. If you’re unsure on the right solution, contact us and our security specialists will be able to provide with the right one you need!

My building is under renovation, can you work with my contractor?

Yes, but we have to first discuss with you on your security requirements and what you expect. Our installation team can work with your contractor but during the initial planning stages, we may have to give you a free consultation.

My security system is pretty old, can you do an upgrade?

It depends on what your current system is running with. If it runs with Analog CCTV Cameras, we might have to compromise a few functions due to the almost-obsolete technology.

I need more CCTV cameras, can you just "add-on"?

IP CCTV  Technology tend to be easier to “plug-and-play”, but it also depends on how many channels your DVR/NVR support. If you wish to upgrade to more cameras but not enough channels, we may have to provide you a recorder as well.

How long does the installation take?

To answer this, a few things come into consideration. Size of your building, number of cameras and the distance needed for the cables to run. Our fastest record of installing a CCTV Surveillance System in a large scale building, comprising of 265 IP CCTV Cameras and replacing 23 Analog CCTV Cameras, was a little more than 400 hours in total.

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