Electronic Key Cabinet and Intelligent Key Management System for Industrial Buildings and Business in Singapore

Electronic Key Cabinets and Intelligent Key Management System will not only secure the key cabinet with strict permissions but also keep track of key movement. All key movement data is stored by an intelligent software and secured by Tamper Proof Key Rings to prevent unauthorized removal of keys. Entry into the key box is authenticated by secure pin number, biometric, IP access or other access methods.

iKLAS (Intelligent Key Lock Application System) is a web-based key management system that controls and tracks the use and movement of keys in all buildings and facilities. Developed and manufactured in Singapore, Its advanced technology is incorporated within the system, with customizable features that allows to be easily configured to suit different industrial businesses. Successfully utilized in industrial sectors, including factories, food factories, MCST buildings, Marine Offshore and Oil and Gase Industry, iKLAS  is built with quality materials to withstand damage due to regular use or tampering.


Traka products support strategic key management for industrial buildings, factories, food manufacturing and warehouses in Singapore. Traka key cabinets are supported by Traka32 software. Traka32 provides the core for any electronic key cabinet or intelligent key management system solution. We offer a range of electronic key cabinet products to meet customer requirements. You are able to secure assets that are in storage, specialist equipment and valuable property – access control for fork trucks and industrial business vehicles as well as to industrial buildings and secure facilities.