iKLAS Intelligent Key Cabinet and Management System for Industrial Buildings and Business in Singapore

iKLAS (Intelligent Key Lock Application System) intelligently tracks the transactions of keys under a web-enabled environment. Its advanced technology is incorporated within the system, with customizable features that allows to be easily configured to suit different industrial businesses. It offers the industry’s most easy-to-use web-based embedded key management system, and the system is able to have security monitoring and control over the information.

iKLAS is perfect for application to industrial buildings, customs checkpoints, military bases, factories, airports and warehouses, or any other place where the access to the key is pertinent.

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We provide installation services for iKLAS Key Management Systems. Our experience in installing security systems are extensive with clientele ranging from small businesses to large scale enterprises.

Our workflow process have deemed us efficient in terms of execution of deployment, logistic processes and installation. As for the product’s sustainability, we guarantee durable full functional systems and in the event of encountering error, we will provide repair and maintenance services.