Industrial-Grade Intelligent Key Management System and Key Cabinets for Industrial Businesses in Singapore

Ensure authorized access to the key cabinet and designated keys for specific users – and hold them accountable. When a key is used, the system records this data and the user automatically. Using the software reporting software, Traka Key Management systems offer an effective simple-to-use fully audited history of all key transactions. Secure your keys to physical assets including industrial buildings, food manufacturing facilities, factories and warehouses and avoid misplacement of keys.

Replacing keys may not cost a lot but when you take into account what the keys are allowing access to, they could be the most valuable assets in the company. Keys could be used for drug cabinets, vehicle keys, private documents or even access to highly restricted areas. If the keys end up in the wrong hands, not only will it cost you money and time to change all of these locks, but also a breach in your security.

Traka Web

Advanced key and asset management software

Traka Web is an advanced administration suite for centrally managing Traka Touch key and locker systems on almost any device that can run a browser, including phones, tablets and PCs. Traka Web can support unlimited keys or assets.

Traka Web is the latest generation of administration software improving functionality and maintaining Traka’s technological leadership. The main benefits of Traka Web include ease of deployment, a modern graphical user interface, allowing for remote administration and being more scalable than ever before.

Featured Key Cabinet Products

Applying It To Your Industrial Business

Keys are your company’s most important access as it provides access to industrial buildings, factories, restricted areas, assets and inventory and vehicles.
Traka intelligent key management systems secure, manage and audit the use of every key. Traka ensures that only authorized staff are allowed access to the key cabinet and only then, to designated keys. The system provides a full audit trail of who removed the key, when it was taken and when it was returned keeping your staff accountable at all times.